About us

How it all started – a trip through European flavors

Engelmann’s taste trip began a fall day in 1988. It was this day that Tomas Engelmann came to Stockholm from Wiesbaden, Germany. For over 20 years, he provided Swedish food stores with inlaid delicacies, something that was still difficult to get a hold of in Sweden at that time. Do you remember when self-picking of pickled olives, garlic, artichokes and tomatoes became popular? That concept was signed Engelmanns.

We choose – you enjoy

In 2008, the new generation Engelmann took over and shifted focus to our favorite delicacy; cheese. Since then we have continued our way through Europe’s absolute best cheeses. Carefully we choose the ones with the best taste and quality to bring back and introduce to the Swedish market. Today, Engelmanns also have tasty complements in the form of marmalades – just what you need to create the perfect cheese tray.

Discover Europe’s finest cheeses with us

Organic cheeses and many awards have confirmed that we are on the right track. The best food is made on the cleanest ingredients. No hassle – no unnecessary additions. Therefore, you will find Sweden’s perhaps widest range of organic cheeses at Engelmanns.

Our driving forces are exactly the same now as at the start 30 years ago; passion for good food and a genuine willingness to spread Europe’s finest flavours to more people. Welcome to discover them with us.